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Hey guys! Sorry for the slow updates as of late, but Im almost out of school, then I can finally get back on track with commissions, comics, and other stuff! So hang in a few more weeks, yeah?

While Im busy, I still make time to help people out and reply to comments when I can. Lately, I've been getting a lot of people asking for help and advice on their own art. That, or people ask what I use for programs, tablets, how long it takes me, brushes, ect. So Im gonna answer a few here! If you have any other questions for me, whether its technical, about your own work/ constructive criticism, or even personal goals and issues, Im always willing to listen and help where I can!

Q: What program (its not an app) do you use?
A: I use a rather old and outdated version of GIMP. GIMP 2.6 I believe. Its not the best program out there and lacks a few things that newer programs, such as SAI, have. Its not advanced or fantastic, but it's simple and easy to remember for those who have bad memory or find the simpler things better to use (like myself). 

Q: What tablet do you use?
A: Wacom bamboo. Its probably the best tablet to get and some of them don't cost more than $60. Most of the artist's I've talked to use Wacom as well.

Q: How long does it take you to draw a picture/comic page?
A: It all depends on the picture. Pictures with full body take longer than a bust and an indoor scene may take longer than a forest scene. I draw slower than most artists (Vopsea never lets me forget) so I may take longer than you as well. Some drawings, when Im lucky, take 7-8 hours. Comic pages take around three days unless I have trouble with a pose, causing it to take more time.

Q: What brushes do you use?
A: I make all my brushes, though I usually use the default ones.

Q: How many layers do you use per image?
A: TOO MANY. The basics have: Sketch, background sketch, background line art, background color, lineart, base color, shade 1, shade 2, sometimes shade 3, lighting 1, lighting 2, and the complicated ones (like comics) have a lot more.

Q: Can you criticize my art? I want to improve.
A: Always! If you send me a link, I can do that. Or I can browse your gallery for one as well.

Q: Where did you learn to draw and how did you learn anatomy?
A: I'm a self taught artist. I've never really gone to a school for art unless I was the one teaching the class. Anatomy, like everything I draw, was learned through practice and observation. Searching for life references will help you on your way to understanding the human or animal body structure. Dont get discouraged when you cant get it right, you're learning, and even I make mistakes.

Q: Can I buy a commission? How much are they? Can I buy them with DA points?
A: Commissions are currently CLOSED until I can finish school and get the time to do them right. When I open them back up, I will be posting ALL the information needed. All commissions are usually from 17 to 35 USD not including background costs or additional requests (ei other characters, animals, or heavy effects like heavy rain or LOTS of fire). All commissions are paid through paypal using US currency. I do not accept points as payment (Doubtful I can write DA points into bills for rent and power).


Remember to ask any questions you have, note or comments are always open :) 


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Unicorn-Playz Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Make base models.
Unicorn-Playz Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
You need to make base models. Or can you please?
ProxyComics Featured By Owner 14 hours ago   Digital Artist
Ah, no. I think bases are the worst form of art. if you want a base, find a coloring book. They hold the same amount of value and teach you just as much (aka nothing)
SassyTheGamrr Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Hey proxy comics, Can you draw me? You are like, my most fave artist ever!!!
ProxyComics Featured By Owner May 7, 2017   Digital Artist
Sorry, I dont take requests
ReulletHollow Featured By Owner May 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I am in absolute love with your art style!
ProxyComics Featured By Owner May 5, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
Phantom443485 Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
HI PROXY!!! Just wanted to let you know that your a huge inspiration to me. I'm pretty knew to deviant art but I've seen your art before due to aphmau's channel/twitter (but i love all your art not just your fan art). Please check out my account and tell me what you think I could really use some pointers from such a great artist like you but you don't have to. LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART!! <3
ProxyComics Featured By Owner May 3, 2017   Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Im glad I could be of some kind of inspiration :) Ill be sure to help where I can
cookieROCKS Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
make sure you have a great day & stay awesome!
(btw; your work is amazing LOL okey byeee x3c )
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